A typical day working in accounting..

Do you ever encounter, a situation where:

Your client(s) have data stored on isolated/legacy information systems, such as spreadsheets or old databases, examples such as

  • Timesheets
  • Expenses

The consequences are having to print these off and manually enter the data (again).

This can often result in duplication of data entry and possibly, human error….

We can bring your client(s) and your systems into the 21st century and will not cost you an absolute fortune.

  • If you are UK based, you can possibly claim R&D Tax credits.


  • Claim these capital investment costs as part of your AIA (Annual Investment Allowance).


  • You will have tools specific to your company and your industry.
  • Who knows, if your custom designed software is that good, you could licence it and create a new passive revenue stream……

Published by Richard Potter

We are not just Accountants, we are Information Technology enthusiatic Accountants.

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