Why use UK Bookkeeping and Accounting?

Having worked in accounting for over 25+ years, we have noticed that:

A lot of accountants know virtually nothing about what technologies exist that give you:

  • Accurate financial/non financial data that is helpful or the planning and decision making affecting your business.

A lot of technology consultants know virtually nothing about the requirement of accountants in terms of:

  • What information be it financial or non financial business owners/stakeholders is relevant and important for accountants and or business owners/stakeholders.

Does this sound familiar?

Upon undertaking extensive secondary research, the Big 4 accounting firms have super advanced technologies that are a real existential threat to small and medium size accounting firms. We predict that in the next 5 years there will be an ‘arms race’ for the acquisition of automation software systems for accountants and corporate finance departments.

‘Xero’ is one such off the shelf S.A.A.S system out there that will be a growing threat to accounting firms…

We can help you prepare and stay relevant technologically speaking and IN BUSINESS!!!!


Published by Richard Potter

We are not just Accountants, we are Information Technology enthusiatic Accountants.

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